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Design of composite floors based on original work by Sai-shun To. It includes graphical design charts and formatted worksheets for the practicing engineer.
A document on plate and box girder design has been prepared by Devan Fitch.
International Student Exchange: Technische Universität Darmstadt (TUD) and the University of British Columbia (UBC) encourage their graduate students to spend part of their graduate career at their partner institution for research purposes. more ...

Beijing National Stadium
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Explore my current list of scholarships, research projects, and jobs - click here.

Exciting structures - geometric choreography - modern communications. No cellular phone, no text messaging, no twittering, without these beautiful towers. Check them out here.
25 years of evolution of telescope structures and housing designs in British Columbia - and UBC played an important role to this success. The world market leader in telescope machines resides in Port Coquitlam.
What kind of research is currently done by Dr. Stiemer and his students? Find out here.
Don't want to re-invent your wheels? Do you like pictures? See how the others did it. Here are photos of structures galore, click.
See interesting presentations and download complete PowerPoint presentation files. Warning: some of them are large and it may take a while.
Johnny Chan worked on a hyperlinked document describing the design of plate girders. Graphical design charts and formatted worksheets for the practicing engineer are available on request.

What the engineering designer always wanted:

The famous formatted spreadsheets are applied for numerous design examples. Now I have added a quick and easy introduction to the use of these marvelous tools.

The current collection of my design spreadsheets is under constant development and more will be added and existing will be improved. Check frequently for new additions. The formatted spreadsheets are based on the following three templates:

Interesting articles and reports are collected in the monographs section - placed parallel to the design spreadsheets supporting the background of the often Code based approaches.

References to Steel Design for the Practicing Engineer - a comprehensive collection of

  • practical guides,
  • articles,
  • books, and
  • other useful material compiled in an easily accessible and searchable format.
Old bridges need widening and reinforcing: Seismic safety retrofit of existing structure & widening the deck to accomodate one additional HOV lane (east bound only) of the Port Mann Bridge. Pictures of other bridges in British Columbia can be found here.
Last but not least: Let's assume you have currently nothing better to do than staring at your computer screen. This is the place of where the eyes get a rest and the mind is send on a journey: A retired engineer and maturing academic has been writing stories from his past and mailed them to me - for safekeeping?
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S.F. Stiemer

Professor of Civil Engineering
Dr.-Ing.(Ph.D.), P.Eng.,

University of British Columbia
Dept. of Civil Engineering
6250 Applied Science Lane
Vancouver, B.C.

the visiting professors
Dr. H. Kang
Jinju National University, Korea

Dr. Y.G. Park
Seoul National University of Technology, Korea

Dr. T.M. Shin
Chungju National University, Korea

Dr. K.W. Bae
Building Structure & Material Division, Korea Institute of Construction Technology, Korea

Dr. K.H. Chang
Dept. Civil & Env. Eng.,
Chung-Ang University,

Dr. L. Paredes
School of Architecture and Design,
Universidad de Los Andes, Venezuela

Dr. J. Liu
China Academy of Building Research,
Beijing, China

Dr. S.G. Youn
Seoul National University of Technology, Korea

Dr. Y.J. Liu
Chang-An University, Xian, China

Dr. Wu Di
Guangzhou University, Guangzhou, China

Dr. Yongjun He
Hunan University, Changsha, China

Dr. Xiong Yan
South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, China

little Lillian Di Yan
still at home, Guangzhou, China

toys for her

Dr. Y.K. Hwang
Korea Institute of Construction Technology

Dr. Y.Y. Chen
Guangzhou University, Guangzhou, China

little Y.Y. Chen Jr.
still at home, Guangzhou, China

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